matts mugWe turned the tables on Matt for today’s blog post. We put him in the hot seat for a round of questions about obstacles facing social marketing in the B2B sphere and what he learned through his experiments with social.

“Every new idea feels like a bad idea to start, it does not align in the world we know” Matt explains as he describes his approach to all new things digital. “It takes time for new ideas to be felt out and see what fits and what it disrupts.” It is no surprise that Matt has seen great success in social marketing. This can be attributed to his open mind and willingness to experiment. “I keep an open mind, and try to understand then filter through what matters to my business and my clients”.

Q: What do you think is the biggest misconception or misunderstanding of social marketing?
A: That social media is just a bunch of random people talking about their lunch and how they do their laundry. People don’t realize that if you really listen to what is being said and asked, you gain valuable access into your audience. The mass oversharing on social is giving insight into buying signals, pain points, and symptoms. From these you can better align your message to what people care about and what they need. If you listen you can get better insight into what it is they need or want.
Q: What are the major challenges you see businesses facing when it comes to tracking and comparing activity?
A: There is still a gap between tracking activities and aligning the impact it has the business. It is hard to connect social activity to the pipeline and ROI. All social activity is managed separately from other marketing and sales activity and is not integrated in the CRM – if we could combine the two we could see the actual relationships and causality.
Q: What are marketers doing that may be setting them up for failure?
A: Marketers are doing activity just to do activity and not tracking metrics back to sales. It is so fast and easy to get started with social media – you can create a Twitter account in 5 minutes – creating the illusion of value. What is the value? What is your strategy? How is it tracking back to sales? You still have to have strategy to drive execution – a faster path to the results you are seeking.
Q: Describe your three best practices for social marketing lead generation:
1. Focus on the problem (not a solution): Look for non-branded keywords and phrases that represent the customers’ problem.
2. Track activity in a CRM: Track and add social activity to your CRM, the more you track the better.
3. Get sales involved: Train your sales team to find leads, and to manage and nurture those relationships. The more your sales team can do this; the more organic leads will come back to sales proactivity when they are ready to buy.

Q: Where do you see social marketing in the next few years?
A: The volume of tools available will continue to proliferate and new channels will evolve. Overall, B2B social marketing will become much more important. We will see evolution and maturation in the content used on social marketing. Consumers will move away from traditional search on search engines, and refer to social channels to gather information. Using social as a search tool allows for answers and information in real time – it will be far more important than search moving forward.

Q: What excites you about this event?
A: I love getting people together that are smart and have unique ideas. It is too easy to get tied into the world you live in and not spread your ideas – we have the same people and same walls at work. It is important to have the opportunity to talk about new ideas and get in one place to have conversations and network and learn from collective knowledge.

Understanding how social marketing fits into your current campaigns and strategies is key to having social marketing success. Matt will be sharing his point of view, expertise and real life social marketing examples at the Heinz Marketing B2B FastTracks event on October 10 at the Columbia Tower Club. To hear more of his tried and true advice be sure to request an invite! Matt will be joined by several other industry leaders and innovators, such as LinkedIn, and Socedo! The event will consist of 20 minute tracks packed with education content focusing on social lead gen, optimizing ROI, and real life examples – you can pick and choose which tracks will be of most value to you! Request an invitation today.