How well do you know the answers to these critical go-to-market strategy questions?

External Environment

  • How has your market changed in the past 12-24 months, and how has that shifted your selling environment?
  • What are your customers’ primary pain points, and reasons for buying?
  • What are their biggest obstacles to saying “yes”, and what competition exists (literal and figurative) that impedes greater sales?
  • How well does your sales & marketing strategy map to current market, competitive and customer conditions to accelerate revenue growth?

Internal Environment

  • Are your current customers truly satisfied, and what do they need to increase loyalty and retention?
  • Is your customer service strategy optimized to increase customer satisfaction and minimize internal cost and operational friction?
  • How does your corporate culture and employee satisfaction impact both new sales and customer loyalty?

Our Go-to-Market Performance Audit provides business leaders with an unbiased view of company performance in the following areas:

  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Market and Competitive Clarity
  • Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
  • Customer Service Effectiveness
  • Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty

It utilizes customer and employee research as the foundation for audit and assessment, and also leverages secondary research sources and market intelligence to complete.

Understanding business performance in the areas outlined above can provide the insight needed to:

  • Refine and strengthen existing go-to-market strategies
  • Identify possible new go-to-market strategies
  • Identify and prioritize actions that must be taken to protect existing revenue streams and key customer segments
  • Identify and prioritize actions that can be taken to grow revenue from existing and/or new customer segments
  • Provide clear direction to all customer-facing segments of a company as to what action areas should be focused on to increase loyalty from existing customers and “wow” new prospects and customers

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