Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation platforms provide marketers with the tools to bring more structure to reaching the right people at the right time with the right information in their buying process.  Marketing automation solutions also give marketing executives to demonstrate impact to revenue.

Fantastic new resources are available for business to business organizations to use for stronger, faster and smarter marketing using marketing automation services.  Marketing automation enables the marketing executive to develop and implement a strategic customer marketing and demand generation plan that directly impacts revenue.

Marketing automation technologies provide sophisticated tools to provide the right content and the right time to prospects in their stage of a buying cycle.  These marketing automation technologies help integrate email marketing, web marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and social media and accelerate revenue generation.

Successful marketing automation implementations take a deliberate well planned approach that incorporates people, process, technology and content.  The team at Heinz Marketing has the capability and real world experience and expertise in developing, implementing, and managing a marketing automation strategy.

Heinz Marketing has unique experience using marketing automation systems both in practice and with clients.  Let us work with you to find the right solution that serves your strategy and objectives for customer marketing and demand generation.

Heinz Marketing’s range of marketing automation services include:

  • Strategic planning and requirements
  • Workflow, lead management, and lead nurturing process design
  • Vendor evaluation planning and recommendations reporting
  • Qualified lead definitions – Marketing and Sales Qualified Leads
  • Annual campaign plan development and administration
  • Google Adwords campaign automation
  • Documentation
  • Campaign Implementation
  • Training
  • Dashboard development and reporting in both MA systems & Salesforce
  • Lead scoring systems
  • CRM optimization