Our sales acceleration coaching helps your existing sales resources become more organized, more effective and more successful—translating into larger qualified sales pipelines, greater closed business, and more accurate, predictable sales forecasts.

We offer focused, results-oriented sales training for managers, leadership and small sales teams. By quickly assessing your current sales environment with the nearterm opportunity and bottlenecks to growth, our sales acceleration programs can quickly enable your sales teams and managers to accelerate activity, sales pipeline velocity and closed business.

We start with a firm understanding of your quantitative sales goals and focus areas, as well as perceived needs, problems or challenges in your current selling environment. Our coaching and training programs are then customized to specifically address your organization’s needs to drive change and results in short order.

How We Can Help:

  • Bigger, more qualified sales pipelines
  • Higher conversion to closed business
  • More effective, productive sales teams
  • Greater accuracy in current future sales forecasts
  • Better sales and marketing alignment and productivity

Who We Help:

  • Sales teams of 10 or less
  • Inside/outside sales
  • Channel sales management
  • Front-line reps and sales-floor managers
  • Sales leadership (including heads of sales with no prior sales experience)

Focus Areas:

  • Pipeline management
  • Active pipeline development (demand generation)
  • Opportunity identification and qualification
  • Buyer-centric sales skills
  • Sales scorecard development
  • Sales and marketing alignment

Specific Topics Include:

  • Consultative selling overview
  • Customer lifecycle mapping
  • SPIN selling
  • Mastering the Complex Sale
  • Lead/opportunity overview and definitions
  • Pipeline management best practices
  • Objection-handling
  • Leveraging your network
  • Role-playing
  • Elevator pitch and script writing
  • Rep hiring, training and motivation best practices
  • Compensation and incentive best practices
  • Other depending on unique sales needs and objectives

Sales Acceleration Coaching

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