JULY 25th & 26th 11am to 1pm PST

Flash sale price $295 8am 7/18 to 8am 7/19 PST

The truth is that content, no matter how much of it you have, is meaningless without a strategy to back it up.  But strategies can be vague, and in content marketing, hitting your targets relies on precision.

The question is, how do you accomplish this?

What you’ll learn

In this Modern Marketer’s Workshop, you’ll learn strategies and applied best practices to optimize content marketing’s impact within your organization.

Day 1 – Strategy and Focus

  • Establishing the foundation for your content marketing strategy
    • Define company goals and target personas
    • Learn how to develop and use a motivational framework
    • Identify the buying committee map that would make sense for your organization
    • Define internal expectations for value content
  • Benchmarking your current state
    • Learn how to conduct an indepth content audit
    • Map out existing content and identify gaps
    • Discuss content in regards to buying and sales stages
    • Review current channels and content formats
    • Walk through a sales enablement deep dive

Day 2 – Operational Efficiency

  • Plan Development
    • Walk through the development of a content plan
    • Identifying and understanding new opportunities
    • Learn how to incorporate demand generation and sales
  • Execution Process
    • Discuss specific tools to utilize during the execution process of your content plan
    • Develop an editorial calendar to organize campaigns and content launches
    • Content plan development techniques

What you’ll do

The Modern Marketer’s Workshop is just that – a workshop. More than just a webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Interact and engage with Matt Heinz and Brian Hansford, gaining valuable knowledge to impact your content marketing strategy
  • Get feedback from the other participants like you were in an actual classroom
  • Actively participate in each session with your own digital workbook, specifically made for this workshop

What you’ll get

After this workshop, you’ll be equipped with the tools to:

  • Develop a content marketing strategy to drive new opportunities through your sales pipeline
  • Create meaningful, relevant, and relatable content for every stage of your buyer’s journey
  • Better understand the relationship between a well-executed content marketing strategy and its impact on revenue
  • Grow your business by focusing on the right audience with the right message