B2B FastTracks Webinar Series:  Content Marketing from the Pros  

Heinz Marketing is on a mission to provide rich information and education for busy B2B marketing and sales professionals. As part of that mission, we have developed the B2B Marketing FastTracks Webinar Series that offers marketing and sales strategies you can take back to the office and implement.  The series walks you through content strategy and the importance of knowing your customer, planning, development and distribution of your content, and finally, measuring the success of your content.  The first two webinars can be viewed on demand.  The last webinar of the series will happen live, on April 23rd

Webinar #1:  Customize, Strategize and Prioritize the Right Content Strategy for your Business 

It’s one thing to talk about content, but it’s another to put it into practice by developing an effective, actionable strategy. In the first webinar of a 3-part B2B FastTracks series, Matt Heinz discusses the best ways to organize and create a content strategy that’s both powerful and effective by addressing the customer’s questions and needs, along with overall business objectives.

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Webinar #2:  The Road to Content Creation: Planning, Platforms and Distribution 

You’ve got your content strategy mapped out, what’s next? In the second webinar of the 3-part B2B FastTracks series, you’ll learn from industry experts at HandCrank Films and Vidyard the most effective platforms and formats to leverage content along with various distribution channels to deliver content to your audience.

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Webinar #3:  Driving ROI and Leads through Content Marketing

Date: Wednesday April 23, 2014

Time:  9:30-10 AM PST

With business objectives in mind, how can you measure the success of your content marketing efforts? The final webinar of the 3-part B2B FastTracks series addresses this question. Hear from experts at Simply Measured and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions who will discuss the systematic ways to adequately measure the success of your content marketing efforts and the tools to help streamline the process.

Walk away with:

  • Tips on how to drive content marketing ROI
  • Information on how to measure content marketing
  • Tools to help properly measure content marketing efforts

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