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  • Listen to 20+ world-renowned sales & marketing experts that will help boost your sales in 2015
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Sales Leadership's GuideSales Leadership’s Guide to Sales and Marketing Alignment

There’s lots of talk about aligning sales and marketing. But the truth is, sales and marketing may always butt heads. It’s the natural consequence of competing agendas in resource-constrained corporate environments. This webcast presents effective strategies for sales leadership in resolving differences of opinion with marketing.

Topics include:
Common points of sales and marketing friction
Opportunities to align marketing with sales leadership’s objectives
Practical approaches for resolving conflict


Recorded Webinar with VanillaSoft:  Lead Generation: The Good, the Bad, the Effective


B2B FastTracks Webinar Series:  Content Marketing from the Pros  

Heinz Marketing is on a mission to provide rich information and education for busy B2B marketing and sales professionals. As part of that mission, we have developed the B2B Marketing FastTracks Webinar Series that offers marketing and sales strategies you can take back to the office and implement.  The series walks you through content strategy and the importance of knowing your customer, planning, development and distribution of your content, and finally, measuring the success of your content.

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