Marketing Automation Platform Partners

Oracle Eloqua

Heinz Marketing is a proud partner with Oracle Eloqua.  Heinz Marketing provides marketing automation services that includes demand generation strategy, campaign design, administration, lead nurturing and scoring services powered by Eloqua.  Heinz Marketing was named Elqoua’s 2013 Partner of the Year Rookie for 2013!

Heinz Marketing - Eloqua Rookie of Year 2013










Heinz Marketing is proud to partner with Marketo and provides marketing automation services including demand generation strategy, campaign design, administration, lead nurturing and lead scoring.  Heinz Marketing’s is profiled on Marketo LaunchPoint.


Market Research

Don Gregory On Target

Don is a veteran of brand giants such as Clorox and Whirlpool, and is great at helping companies understand their customers and market opportunity. He asks great questions, and can execute research at a fraction of the cost of larger research firms.

Design and Creative Services

Teena Brugh TinyteeGraphics

Outstanding designer with good prices and fast turnaround. Can do everything from sales collateral to Web sites to book covers.

Web and Digital Development

Christopher Steimonts JATO Development LLC

Fast, practical, cost-effective. Chris developed and continues to be a go-to resource for everything from fast WordPress implementations to even faster HTML email templates.

Adam Broetje Odd Dog Media

Adam and his team built us an entire mini-site in 36 hours, and has been a go-to resource ever since. Highly trusted, highly recommended.


Susan Urban Urban SEO

Susan is one of the top three SEO consultants in Seattle. I bring her into as many client projects as possible.


Steven Gottlieb Gottlieb Group Communications, LLC

Steven is full of ideas, and understands that PR is about the story – not the press release. He’s incredibly creative and has results to prove it.

Hugh Siler Siler & Company PR

I’ve learned a ton about PR, marketing and business from Hugh over the past 10+ years. He’s the best real estate PR guy I know, but his skills range across PR and marketing disciplines.

Business Management Consulting

Ron Huntington EMT Consulting

Ron will help you do more with less, set priorities that focus your entire organization on growth, and keep you accountable for your actions, focus and results.

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