Good story in Newsweek about the critical role of music in helping to market TV shows.

But it’s not just TV shows, is it? The music playing at your favorite story in the mall helps “set the mood” for buying more shirts and skirts. Music at the supermarket is nice and slow, to help you walk more slowly through the aisles and buy more groceries.

And it’s not just music. Numerous environmental factors influence how people perceive your products, your business and your brands – both online and offline.

How are you creating an environment that’s more conducive to customer action? That’s consistent with your brand image? That reinforces your core brand message and promise?

Also, Great sidebar video story as well on John Williams re-scoring the NBC News theme music. I love John Williams’ stuff, and am glad I finally found somewhere to download a copy of the “Meet the Presstheme music. Inspiring!