Some of you may have heard of Zingerman’s. It started as a small deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan 25 years ago, and now boasts seven different food service businesses – all still located in Ann Arbor. It’s a small business, but with a remarkable story of service success.

The way Zingerman’s makes such remarkable service the core of their business approach is also remarkable.

Here are the five simple steps Zingeman’s articulates and still uses to translate the founders’ focus on service into execution across the entire organization:

1. They teach it.
2. They define it.
3. They live it.
4. They measure it.
5. They reward it.

This five-part approach to living and executing service values offers all of us a blueprint for building and ingraining the core values our businesses hold dear.

To learn more about Zingerman’s remarkable approach to service, I highly recommend ZingTrain (the deli’s service approach is so good, they now teach it to others).