From Verne Harnish‘s excellent weekly newsletter comes this idea for capturing daily feedback from your sales team, customers, prospects and the market in general, all at the same time. Nik VanHaeron, president of Canadian-based Uvalux Tanning & Support, shared this:

“I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite management tools. I call it our Highs, Lows and Need to Knows. These are my “tea leaves”… I see a lot of trends, allows me to celebrate successes, find out what’s bogging our sales department, and what they are hearing in the industry.

“Everyday, I send a simple survey to our sales team. It has three simple questions on it. What was your high point of the day? What was your low point? And anything you heard that management should need to know? It arrives in their inbox at 4:55pm every day, so the last thing they do before they go home is reflect on their day and get things off their mind. I use Constant Contact to send the survey. It’s the first thing that I read in the morning, and I love it. It gives me any key items that I have to look at first thing in the morning. We discuss it at our huddle, and get it done! It’s about seeing trends sooner than your competition and the market.”