We hosted a breakfast roundtable event this morning with several B2B sales & marketing executives, focused on sharing best practices for how best to keep sales and customer demand high during the holiday months.

The handout at this link summarizes many of the points made and discussed during the event.

A couple excerpts:

Focus On Demos: So maybe your customers don’t want to make a purchase decision until January. Even if that’s true, you can focus November and December on getting your prospects as far down the purchase cycle as possible. Focus on doing as many demos as you can. Answer objections, get executive sponsors involved, send out proposals and begin negotiations on terms. Move prospects forward so that you’re set up for a big beginning of Q1.

Help Them Kick-Start Their Own New Year Goals & Results: If what you’re selling can benefit your customers and their own goals & objectives, isn’t it better to have that in place on January 1, vs. waiting to buy and onboard later in the month, quarter or year? Build a sense of urgency that this is exactly the time to make a move and get a head start on next year’s goals.

Get the full one-page PDF here.