Fascinating study released this week from the folks at RainToday about the problems buyers encounter when choosing a new professional service provider.  The full report is worth a quick read (no registration required), but several points stood out to me.

Probably most interesting was a chart indicating the specific problems buyers encounter when engaged in the sales process.  The top reasons boil down to salesmanship.   The number one problem buyers encounter (nearly 4 of 10 buyers) is that the salesperson “did not listen to me.” 

These were followed by 30 percent of buyers indicating that the seller did not respond to requests in a timely manner, and did not understand their needs.

These are clearly problems that every sales & marketing organization can address.  Today.

At the very bottom of the list of buyer problems?  Web site.  Just six percent of buyers reported that information on and professionalism of the seller’s Web site was a problem.  With so many organizations spending tons of time and money fixing Web sites with the assumption that it has a significant impact on buyer perception and interest, this relatively low percentage should at least give marketers pause to possibly reconsider where their time is best spent to accelerate closed business.

Buyers want you to listen.  To respond quickly.  To understand what they need.

What could you do with your sales organization today to address and improve these issues?