If you manage inside salespeople, you likely talk to them multiple times a week if not daily. But a weekly 1:1 meeting is still an important means of ensuring focus, productivity and results from every rep. Done right, it can also save you a lot of time through the week by consolidating a lot of information into one dedicated, managed period of time.

Below is a 30-minute sales meeting template you can use or modify for your organization. The key here is to make it as metrics-driven and objective as possible, with a focus on identifying and resolving obstacles to greater success.

Opportunity Pipeline Review (10 minutes)

  • Closed-Won vs. Quota, quarter-to-date (or month, or whatever your selling period is)
  • Pipeline volume with current-quarter close-date (should ideally be at least 3X quota)
  • Discuss roadblocks & challenges (where are some deals stuck? how could the pipeline be bigger? Are there any future quarter deals that can be pulled into the current quarter?)

Lead Review (10 minutes)

  • Current lead volume and follow-up (are there any untouched leads? are there any that are active but haven’t been contacted in a long while?)
  • Which current leads are close to becoming opportunities?
  • Discuss overall lead disposition and follow-up (why are some leads not moving forward? what are the primary lead-to-opportunity objections & roadblocks you are encountering?)

Activity Review (5 minutes)

  • Metrics review (dials, talk time, demos – last week goal vs. actual)
  • Discuss roadblocks and challenges (what specifically is keeping you from hitting activity goals? what tools, resources, etc. would make these goals easier to achieve?)

Additional Challenges & Roadblocks (5 minutes)

  • What specifically is keeping you from selling more?
  • What specific, additional support do you need to find and close more business?
  • What additional support can the business provide to make you more successful?