Today is the busiest shopping day of the year but tomorrow (Saturday, November 26) is Small Business Day across America.  The idea is that (apparently after you’ve pushed and shoved your way through Best Buy the day before) you focus your attention and shopping over the weekend on the small, independent businesses in your area.

I love the idea, and hope small businesses are not only prepared for the holiday season but also ready to take advantage of and sustain the increased traffic and new business opportunity.

Top help, here are ten free resources and best practice guides specially selected for small business owners and managers (click on the headline to get to each article).


Small business marketing starts with these four steps

Nine steps to a more effective elevator pitch

Nine tools that will help you sell more via social media

The nine (other) people who can market and sell for you

Four keys to building (or improving) your online presence

The three most important components of a retail marketing strategy

Six ways to get more business without directly asking for it

How to keep your small business from acting like a big company

Ten lessons learned for small business success

Free download of the e-book, “Secrets to Successful Holiday Selling”