Reprinted from a similar blog post here last year (but worth the reminder)

Thanking your customers and employees this week is at best a cliché, and at worst hollow and counterproductive.

The littany of emails, blog posts and other messages expressing thanks to customers, team and employees has been in full effect all week. Many of these messages are indeed heart-felt and genuine.

But the messages that mean the most this week to their recipients are, ironically, the messages that are least necessary. Companies who treat their employees and customers well all year and regularly express thanks for their work, business and loyalty are reaping the rewards of higher customer retention, greater employee loyalty, and a halo of positive brand awareness and word-of-mouth.

On the flip side, if an organization doesn’t prioritize its customer and employees, doesn’t regularly thank them for their service and loyalty in word and deed throughout the year…that same message of thanks right now, this week, will more likely be seen for the marketing ploy it is.

Thanksgiving isn’t a day. It isn’t an email to customers. It isn’t a pre-written message from the CEO.

Genuine appreciation and thanks is built into your organization’s DNA. It’s something you live every day. It’s built into your product, your service approach, your daily interactions. It’s something that comes natural, is a habit, and is encouraged and rewarded all year long.

In those environments, a note this week isn’t even necessary.