I continue to be really impressed with the content produced by several marketing technology companies, and Eloqua is at the top of the list. They’re a case study for effective, value-added, multi-format content that draws in their target audience and keeps them engaged.

I particularly liked Content To Customers, a recent presentation that’s available for download as a video or a slide deck that works on its own if you’re in a hurry.

In the presentation, Joe Chernov and Elle Woulfe crispy break down and analyze their four key, high-level stages for building and triaging long-term prospect relationships:

  • Suspects aren’t just people who might buy your product, but also everyone who may consumer or share your content.
  • Prospects have actively supplied personal information in exchange for more content.
  • A lead is a prospect that meets specific criteria (fit, behavior, interest, intent) as determined by sales and marketing.
  • An opportunity is someone who is ready to buy.

For each general group, the presentation outlines what the prospect needs, what content they’re looking for, and what specific topics they’ll best react to in their progress through the buying process.

Great stuff, and worth taking the time to flip through.