We recently updated the Heinz Marketing core values, to reflect the culture we’ve created as well as the company we want to continue building in the months and years ahead. As a services business, it was important for us to make these values personal, to ensure they were written in a way that we could embody them personally and individually on a daily basis.

You’ll also notice that these values are written to encompass not only how we operate, but how we work and interact with contractors, partners, vendors and clients (as well as what we expect from them).

Specifically, we are:

  • Results-Driven: Internally and externally, we are focused on work that drives value and measurable results. Every strategy, tactic and action has a specific, measured purpose.
  • Generous: We are open with our ideas and our time – with each other, with clients, and with our broader network of prospects and peers.
  • Creative: We challenge convention when necessary, think outside of the box and innovate for our clients and ourselves.
  • Curious: We want to know why, how, and what works. We’re hungry to learn more about our craft, and offer the best advice and counsel to our customers.
  • Proactive: We think and act beyond the initial task, beyond what’s asked, to provide broader value for our clients and our business.
  • Respectful: We deliver and demand respect of each other, of our clients and from our clients

It wasn’t good enough to make these values apply only to employees.  As Eric Schmidt said last year at Dreamforce, “life is short, work with people you enjoy.”  And for us to fully embody these values every day when we come to work, it’s important that those around us embody them as well.

I’d love to hear what you think.