It’s easy to get excited about how you’ve positioned your product, service or business. You’ve done your research, analyzed the target customer, and come up with a position that focuses on solving their problems. It gets right to the heart of what hurts, what they’re missing, and what they need. It’s compelling and you take it to market.

And it fails.

Why? Could be a number of reasons, but most “compelling” messages fail because they aren’t unique.

Your messaging can’t be developed in a vacuum. Chances are, your competitors (as well as other, even complimentary companies addressing the same customer) have come up with the same messages, the same customer pain points, the same problems to be solved.

So what makes you different? How do you approach the problem differently? How are you addressing a more specific or unique angle of the customer’s problem?

In some cases, the mere fact that your solution works could be what makes you unique. Others boast, but we deliver.

What makes your message both compelling and unique, the combination of those two, is what makes effective message development so difficult. It requires far more market insight, and ongoing vigilance as the market (and your customer) changes.