I’m not at all surprised that the role of Chief Marketing Technology Officer has emerged in recent months. It’s a damn shame, but I’m not surprised.

Too many marketers are either afraid of technology or just don’t understand it. And we all start there. But what’s worse, those same marketers pretend that nothing is changing, that the new technology isn’t necessary, that they can keep doing their jobs the “old way” and be just fine.

That, of course, is a path to irrelevance. If you’re that kind of marketer, you will increasingly be marginalized in your organization. You will increasingly be farther and farther away from driving meaningful, measurable revenue.

Technology is replacing media as the primary tool by which marketers drive performance and results. Technology is a competitive advantage for organizations that adopt and optimize it with their customers, prospects, partners, influencers and more. The core role of marketers – to condition the market and drive demand – isn’t changing. But the means why which marketers do this has, and will continue to, change dramatically.

And if your organization is considering a Chief Marketing Technology Officer, please know that this isn’t an additional leadership position. This is YOUR leadership position. As the CMO, if you’re not playing the “CMTO” role moving forward, you will soon be looking for a new job, in a market that’s increasingly looking for different skills than what you bring.