Guest post by Marilyn Cox

Attending Eloqua Experience is more than an experience. It’s a marketing revival that energizes and inspires. Below are 47 key takeaways I identified that will enable me to become a Modern Marketer. These are actionable items that I commit to execute against in the coming year. How are you becoming a Modern Marketer?

Takeaway #1: Campaigns should be strategic go-to-market initiatives, not a single tactical program. Think beyond a promotion.

Takeaway #2: When tying ROI to campaign activity you must think about the long term duration of the program for accurate reporting.

Takeaway #3: Stats show that C-Suite will require marketing to demonstrate success in dollars. Closed Loop Reporting is essential.

Takeaway #4: Use CLR to show effective campaign was at driving engagement levels. Start to funnel resources where they matter.

Takeaway #5: Update marketing vision and demand center charter to include success criteria metrics, ie adoption, consistency, quality.

Takeaway #6: Develop demand center advisory board to include strategy, sales, development, project management, and finance.

Takeaway #7: Evaluate baseline metrics for bright spots & identify gaps across people, process, and technology. Prioritize then do it.

Takeaway #8: Develop information & application governance. Who can do what? Training required? Permission level details. Document it!

Takeaway #9: Develop internal training system that can be used worldwide. Should include continued education.

Takeaway #10: Conduct monthly lunch & learns for global resources to review content/campaigns & metrics. Communicate strategic results

Takeaway #11: Use app cloud as data cleansing tool after the fact.

Takeaway #12: Don’t access for data you can easily derive from other data like revenue, company url, and product interest.

Takeaway #13: Build trust and credibility on your landing page. Include customer testimonials and certifications.

Takeaway #14: Use that trade show swag budget for something good. Use budget for charity donation & have visitors vote for allocation.

Takeaway #15: Experiment with social sign. Results could be better data quality. More truthful data.

Takeaway #16: Test mobile friendly email templates. Context sensitive and adjustable. I’m in love.

Takeaway #17: look into AdFocus. Customized content for phases of the buy cycle? My interest is piqued.

Takeaway #18: Request to be added to RPM Beta. Like this one view of the truth thing!

Takeaway #19: Conduct a close win analysis incorporating marketing analytics.

Takeaway #20: Sales should touch each customer, each quarter, with relevant content.

Takeaway #21: Look into combined lead scoring for account. combined lead score can result in qualified lead. Account info tells story

Takeaway #22: Identify where influence comes in during the buyers journey. This is a must and sadly I don’t know.

Takeaway #23: Approach influencers about contributing content. Excellent idea.

Takeaway #24: Now understand the phrase “it’s an honor to be nominated” and what that actually means.

Takeaway #25: Beat the naysayers that stand in the way of our progress and change. Amen!

Takeaway #26: Solve problems, become a change agent, reinforce goals. Start doing something!

Takeaway #27: Overcome my fear of failure. Be a beginner. Learn. Most likely, I’ll have fun.

Takeaway #28: Don’t be afraid to cause tension. Healthy debate is good. I think I have this one covered 🙂

Takeaway #29: Be relevant and transparent. Kill the elephant in the room.

Takeaway #30: Take risks. No one is going to die. Enough said.

Takeaway #31: Make promises to my company. Develop mutual conditions of satisfaction. Don’t be a lying clown #clownslie

Takeaway #32: Tell your message in 118 seconds. Challenge accepted!

Takeaway #33: Find your pheasant. What are you passionate about?

Takeaway #34: Don’t focus on changing corporate culture, focus on changing the mood. It’s the people.

Takeaway #35: Remember that we’re in good company. Good coworkers and co-marketers. Access them via Topliners.

Takeaway #36: Evaluate how you’re going to better leverage earned and owned media this year. How can you test with content?

Takeaway #37: Evaluate how you can converge paid, owned, and earned media. It’s a trend that’s not going away.

Takeaway #38: Evaluate which media type will provide the best return.

Takeaway #39: Understand how you help guide a buyer though decision. Buyers look at 12 non-supplier sources before contacting supplier

Takeaway #40: Understand how you help a customer lead their business. Define the needs you meet.

Takeaway #41:Understand how you engage a customer from the point of purchase to their next need. I’m not sure.

Takeaway #42: Make sure thought leadership is not tied to brand. Thought leadership must be independent.

Takeaway #43: Create form to use at events. Collect relevant data and have form submit enter into event nurture campaign.

Takeaway #44: Reduce event collateral by sending relevant content through event form at show in real time.

Takeaway #45: Develop event form to be internal facing, but accessible on all mobile devices and computers.

Takeaway #46: Develop plan of action to execute on all of my Eloqua takeaways. Do it!

Takeaway #47: Register for Eloqua Experience 2013 in San Fran! Hopefully catch a Road to Revenue stop in the Midwest before then.

Marilyn Cox is the Director of Marketing Communications at Cincom Systems. She classifies herself as a left brain mind living in a right brain world. While not geeking out over marketing analytics she enjoys Ironman training in solitude and Ironmom conditioning with her two children. She is also the author of the Business is Childs Play Blog.