Guest post by Lindsey Johnson, marketing coordinator for Heinz Marketing

When setting up a PPC campaign you are faced with many questions. What is my daily/weekly/monthly budget? What keywords will perform best? And now, more than ever, we are all asking questions about which channels we should be using.

The Google platform has been the king of online advertising for many companies over the past several years, but with options like Facebook, LinkedIn and Bing is Google still your best bet?

Bing’s launch in 2009 didn’t immediately result in strong marketshare. But since then with various advertising campaigns and their merge with Yahoo! Bing has received more attention and significantly more search volume, which has made it more attractive to advertisers. Here are a few reasons why advertisers are giving Bing a chance and maybe why you should too.

Search Visibility and Demographics
Bing now accounts for 30% of all online searches. Which means if you’re not proactively using it, 162 million people (or 6 billion searches) are missing out on your ads. Also, in the past year alone Bing has stolen over 5% of the Google platform’s search traffic. And that growth hasn’t slowed down yet.

Bing’s audience is slightly different than Google’s. Bing has an audience that is 58% female compared to the Google platform with 45% female. Bing users are also older than Google users, with 25-54 as the range for Bing and 13-34 for Google.

The saturation of companies marketing on the Google platform makes it harder to get the right keywords at your ideal cost per click. But bids on Bing, at least for now, tend to be lower because there is not as much competition for your keywords. Also, Bing tends to show more ads at the top of the page making it more likely for your ad to be featured at the top.

Ad Flexibility
One of the most frustrating aspects of creating any search ad is getting the text to fit within their character limit. Google’s ad titles limit to you to 25 characters while Bing and Yahoo allow you to use 40 characters in your headline, giving you more options for a catchy title, or to share more information or an offer that will drive response.

Customer Support
The Google platform has excellent customer support. From Google you can get a dedicated account representative that will help you set up, run and deal with any issues of your campaign…if you spend more than $500,000 a year. Those of us not spending $500,000 a year are stuck waiting on the phone to talk to the support center. Bing has been working to attract smaller advertisers by offering higher level support for advertisers who spend less. $500 per month allows you to talk to an account representative and take advantage of their free advertising consulting.

If you haven’t yet, why not give Bing a try? Bing allows you to easily import your current AdWords campaign into their platform. Plus, it there really any risk to diversifying your campaign? Right now might be the perfect time to try Bing, before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon too.

  • Lindsey, great article!

    I’m curious, where did you get the data to support “Bing accounts for 30% of all online searches.”?

    Just curious, as last I heard it was more in the 15%-range. Perhaps that’s only US, though I can’t see Bing’s marketshare abroad being more than that.


    • Aaron Rockwell

      bing is the engine responsible for all yahoo searches as well…so 15 plus 12 or 13 (yahoo) is roughly 30 %