Gone are the days when you could pick up the phone and successfully pitch someone on your product or service cold. Gone are the days when a prospect will take 20-30 minutes out of their day, unannounced, to hear your presentation.

But if you think cold calling is dead, you’re doing it wrong.

Calling new prospects still works, but the way you approach it has to be right. You can’t call expecting to get much of their time. You can’t call assuming they want a run-down of your features right away. And you can’t call to talk about yourself.

Your prospects are busy. They don’t have time for you. But that’s exactly how you can approach cold calling to be effective. Make the call about them. Have something prepared to offer them, something that ties directly to a priority or initiative they care about and are working on right now.

Don’t take a ton of their time, not right now. But an effective, modern cold call can get the engine running.

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  • James V Reagan

    I wrote about this several years back… glad to see it’s more relevant than ever today!


  • hjg

    I disagree. In person I can sell ice to an eskimo, whenever I have to do cold calling however I run up against telemarketing exhaustion. Guess what, even when I get cold calls I put them down directly, I don’t even care about what is being offered BECAUSE IT IS A COLD CALL.

  • Cold calling is NOT dead. It just takes a lot more effort to be a successful cold caller. We’ve just recently published a blog that goes over 4 main things you need to do, to still be successful in 2016 with cold calling.

    You can find the tips on this blog: https://www.leadfuze.com/cold-calling-is-not-dead/

  • Josh Rhodes

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