One month down, eleven to go!

Congrats on surviving the first sales month of the year. And whether you killed it or got killed, today’s a new day and a new month.

If you’re looking for some fun, creative ways to motivate your sales team in February, here are a few ideas cooked up by the creative minds at Heinz Marketing:

Valentine’s Day
Give every sales rep a vase on their desk. For every new sale, they get a rose (real or silk). The first person to a dozen roses (or whatever number works for your sale) gets a paid night out with a significant other. Or, if you want to do a big activity blitz at the start of the month to re-fuel pipelines, give points for activities or talk time or presentations from Feb 1-10. Every rep who exceeds a certain point total gets a premium gift to give their significant other (can pick from a dozen long-stemmed roses, or big box of chocolates, or something more creative).

Spring Training
Pitchers & catchers report mid-month, so it’s not too early for a baseball themed promotion. Turn your sales floor into a virtual fantasy baseball game. Points for activities, presentations, new opportunities and closed sales. This year is also the every-four-years World Baseball Classic. Assign your teams to countries in the tournament and get a head start on a March Madness-style promotion.

Spring Break Escape
Have reps or teams compete for a long weekend somewhere sunny, or create a “virtual spring break” in the office (perhaps in a conference room) for contest “winners” to enjoy on a Friday afternoon. Go crazy – bring in a tanning bed, a masseuse, play Hawaiian music, have some Mai Tais (real or not).

Snow Days
If you’re in a part of the country where it’s not just cold but snowy this time of year, assign extra points or do “power hour” style prospecting or lead follow-up sessions when it’s snowing outside. Or, if the team collectively hits a goal by mid-month, your CEO or VP of Sales will jump into a nearby lake, or agree to be pelted with snowballs by the entire sales team (or those who qualify based on activity and performance) on a Friday afternoon.

Presidents Day Trivia
At your morning sales huddles, give everyone an index card and ask a presidential trivia question. Anyone who gets the answer right qualifies for that day’s promotion (get $20 bucks if you hit eight appointments made, etc.). Or, if your company typically has Presidents Day off, many companies (including your prospects) do not, and it might be a somewhat slow day for them. Encourage your reps to come in that day to work. Cook them breakfast, buy them lunch, give them extra commission or incentives for appointments, presentations and/or closed business on a holiday (read: extra sales day).

Hopefully these at least get your own creative juices flowing. What other ideas are out there? What have you tried in past February’s that has worked well?