Just like we did for February, here are a set of inside sales promotional ideas to help drive activity, morale and performance in the next few weeks.

Some of these are specific to the day itself, but most could start early (say this Friday, the first day of the month) to generate quick momentum into March.

Fill your pot o’ gold
Give everyone on staff a small, plastic cauldron (party stores will have them) and award reps with chocolate coins for activities, milestones, great calls, etc. Distribute coins liberally every day. Reps who fill their pot of gold get a prize, or are entered to win something big (as long as they don’t eat the coins first).

Hit a sales goal by March 10, and someone’s dressing like a leprechaun
Could be your president, founder, VP of Sales or someone else. Put an aggressive goal on the board for the first third of the month. If your team hits it, someone dresses like a leprechaun on St. Patricks Day.

Feeling lucky? Spin the wheel!
Daily challenges and milestones for reps, and if they hit it they spin the wheel the next day. Every spoke on the wheel has a prize, some little and some big.

Lucky Bucks
Print a bunch of fake currency, each equal value. Distribute “lucky bucks” for hitting daily and weekly milestones. Post a set of prizes that reps can exchange their Lucky Bucks to receive. Think of this like getting tickets and redeeming for decoder rings and such at Chuck E Cheese.

Trivial Pursuit, Lucky Charms style
In Trivial Pursuit, you have to collect all six wedges before you can answer a final question and win the game. Play a similar game with your inside sales team, but replace plastic wedges with marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal. Each marshmallow type can be achieved by hitting a particular milestone – days with more than XX talk time, your 10th presentation of the month, etc. First to get every marshmallow wins a prize, but everyone that gets all marshmallows by St Patrick’s Day wins something, or qualifies for a St Patrick’s Day party.

What have you done in years past to leverage St Patrick’s Day and the “luck of the Irish” in March to drive sales performance?