By Brian Hansford, account director and marketing automation practice lead for Heinz Marketing

Webinars are the vanilla ice cream of B2B marketing tactics and that’s OK. But think about how much more interesting a scoop of vanilla is when it’s in a sundae! Webinars are a starting point that marketers can build multiple assets from for a rich content marketing program. Here is a great way to look at using webinars to build multiple content assets.

The Scoops – Record it
Webinar platforms and service providers offer ways to record the event for on demand playback. Don’t rely on a “one-time only” webinar event to engage your audience. By recording the webinar and making it available for on-demand playback, you can connect with more of an audience over a longer period of time.

Chocolate Syrup – Transcribe It
We almost always recommend having a webinar transcribed. The raw transcription is the basis for creating multiple assets that support the presentation. If you have limited resources look at using a freelancer from eLance to transcribe the event.

Carmel Syrup – Blog Series
With some basic editing, the transcription can be turned in a blog, or better yet, an entire blog series. We recently worked with a company using this simple approach where we transcribed and edited the webinar into a 7 part blog series that can be published over a period of time. That is hugely valuable.

Sprinkles – Downloadable PDF Asset
Webinars are organized into logical sections of content that share ideas the audience can relate to. Listening to a webinar isn’t always possible, or desired. Take the transcribed content and turn that into a webinar content summary, checklist, or report, formatted as a PDF.

Cherry on Top – Inside Sales Assets
Get the inside sales team involved and provide them with the assets they can use in webinar-related conversations with prospects and customers. Webinar attendee and no-show follow up emails can include links to the on-demand webinar recording or blog series. Voicemail talking points can include brief details on the webinar.

Put it Together
A webinar is just the beginning, not the destination. Using the ideas I’ve listed let’s arrange the components into an ice cream sundae of content marketing. If your organization delivers multiple webinars every quarter, you can rapidly build a library of highly valuable content assets. Make sure to record the webinar for on-demand playback. Once a webinar is delivered, find a resource to transcribe the presentation and edit the notes. This may be something you or someone on your team or a freelancer.

Post the pre-recorded webinar to your website or host as a gated asset with your marketing automation platform. In parallel, edit the content for a blog or blog series. At the end of each blog, promote the link to the full recorded webinar, or even a complementary webinar. Think about sharing quotes or facts from the blog and webinar on Twitter and LinkedIn. The webinar transcription can be crafted into a subsequent document asset that summarizes the overall topic. You can also cross the webinar from this asset and encourage visitors to view the webinar.

A webinar can turn from a single scoop of lonely vanilla ice cream to a richly decadent content marketing sundae. Your audience will be grateful for the choices.

  • Kerri Van Pelt

    Hmm… I never would have thought of the chocolate syrup, the caramel, the sprinkles, or the cherry on top. I’m wanting to start up a webinar series and after reading your article I see even more benefit to doing so. Should I just put it in my blog section here or do you recommend I do them as Google Hangouts or a YouTube series? Do I get a better benefit from promoting webinars on my own website or use YouTube & then just put the “caramel syrup” on my site?