At a dinner Tuesday night at the Sales 2.0 Conference, Richardson CEO David DiStefano answered an interesting question:

If you could invite five living people to dinner, who would they be?

I really liked his answer and have asked him to add his list to the comments below.

Kind of a fun topic for a Friday, I thought. Here are my five. What would be yours?

Pope Francis
He’s only been the pope for a few weeks but is already changing the face of the position. His humility and history I believe will make him one of the most fascinating world leaders to watch in the next few years.

Condaleezza Rice
For better or worse, she knows more about the current state of foreign affairs and international diplomacy than anyone alive. She’d offer a rich perspective on a number of topics that would be difficult to get anywhere else.

Si Robertson
If you watch Duck Dynasty, you know why he’s on my list. Funny, quick-witted, but a couple patties short of a Big Mac. He might be on this list purely to see, and hear, how he’d react and engage with everyone else!

Larry the Cable Guy
I read an article about him a couple years ago that made it clear that “Larry” is an act, that the man behind him is much smarter than you’d think. And if you watch his stand-up, and hear how quickly and smartly he reacts to the audience, you’ll see it as well.

George Herbert Walker Bush
He’s been President of the United States, director of the CIA, and still jumps out of airplanes on his birthday. Another fascinating set of perspectives and stories.

Clearly there are tons of amazing people I’ve left off, but five is five.

What are yours?