Earlier this year we took a crack at building a virtual, mostly free MBA program for sales professionals. And we recently wondered what the same type of program might look like for modern marketers, especially those focused on middle-of-pipeline lead management and marketing automation strategies and activities.

So we asked around, looking for advice from those we considered marketing automation experts already. What are they reading? How and where did they get smart? What still educates them today?

Here’s a collection of what we heard. And several of these resources were brought up numerous times.

B2B Sales & Marketing Blog by Marketo
It’s All About Revenue by Eloqua
ChiefMarTec by Scott Brinker
Digital Marketing Blog by Optify

SiriusDecisions (including several of their analysts)
David Raab
Trip Kucera at Aberdeen
Laura Ramos and Lori Wizdo from Forrester
Kathleen Schaub from IDC

White Papers & Reports
Marketo’s 100-Page Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation
Eloqua’s Grande Guides
David Raab’s VEST Report

Revenue Disruption by Phil Fernandez
Digital Body Language by Steve Woods
eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale by Ardath Albee
Revenue Engine by Steve Woods & Alex Shootman
Manufacturing Demand by David Lewis
Get Content Get Customers by Joe Pulizzi

Carlos Hidalgo
Craig Rosenberg
Jon Miller
Steve Woods
Ardath Albee
Howard Sewell
Brian Hansford
Lauren Goldstein
Dave Lewis
Dave Wittlake
Loren McDonald
Adam Needles
Justin Gray

Power Users
Greg Forrest at Concur
Ryan Schwartz at DocuSign
Marilyn Cox at Cincom Systems
Michael Korch at Tableau
Jessica Davis at Avalara
Kristin Connell at Deltek
Melissa Davies at Winshuttle

Consider what’s above a good start. What would you add? What books, newsletters, bloggers, and other information sources do you consider essential for successful marketing automation professionals to consume?

Special thanks to Katie, Lauren, Carlos, Brian, Ardath, Robert and Craig for their input on this collection as well.