JustWorkingOut-10360By Bailie Losleben, marketing coordinator and fitness freak for Heinz Marketing

Having a difficult time figuring out how to chisel that six pack while bringing your Google AdWords campaign up to par? Here are some tips on Diet, Cardio and Muscular exercises to help you achieve both.

Everyone groans when they hear the word diet, but eating healthy is an essential part of any fitness goal and, believe it or not, an important part of a Google AdWords campaign strategy.

The first rule of any diet is to Oust Junk Food. Yes that chocolate chip cookie looks delicious, but there goes the 400 calories you burned on your morning run. Likewise, in your AdWords campaign you need to get rid of junky, poor performing keywords and campaigns. Whether you simply don’t receive any clicks, the traffic is so low you don’t receive any impressions, or the traffic seems to be for something entirely unrelated to your product or service—these junk phrases have to go. These poor performing keywords reduce your quality score over time which ends up affecting the performance of everything else in your campaign. As they say, you are what you eat, so if you’re using poor performing keywords in your campaign- your campaign will perform poorly.

To really maximize your bodies potentially you also have to eat a nice mix of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. You need to have this same balance in your AdWords campaigns.

Proteins: Your body needs proteins to help with muscle growth, and because they take longer to process, they help keep you full longer and reduce your urge for that chocolate chip cookie. Similarly, your AdWords campaigns won’t be healthy or build muscle mass without constant testing. Even when an ad or offer performs spectacularly, there is always room for improvement. Testing different colors, words, phrases or even what words are capitalized is all very important to improving your campaign and keeping it fresh.

Carbohydrates: Provide easily accessible energy to sustain you through your workout. Like your workout should be, the words and phrases being searched for in Google are constantly changing so it is important to frequently ingest new keywords to sustain your campaign.

Healthy Fats: Fats take even longer than proteins for your body to break down, which means when you eat a healthy dose of good fats with your meals you will stay full longer and prevent the dreaded blood sugar crash from burning through your carbohydrates too quickly. To help keep your campaign in check set a reasonable daily budget and monitor the time of day the best leads come in so you may adjust the time of day your campaign runs. (You can see what the clicks and impressions are for a given time of day through the campaigns tab → click segment→ click time→ click hour of day, then you can adjust the hours your campaign runs through the settings tab)

Cardio is not only important for cardiovascular health, disease prevention and overall energy levels. It is also important so you may live through the impending zombie apocalypse. In Adwords, the Quality Score is like this purpose driven Cardio—the more your work at it and more you improve it, and the higher your chances are for outrunning the walking dead (or your competitors). Quality score not only affects ad placement, it also affects how much you will pay for your ad. The higher the quality score, the lower your Cost Per Click will be and the higher your ad will appear on the page.
Google is somewhat secretive about how the quality score is calculated, but it is a combination of your ad relevance, click through rate, your landing page relevance and some other mysterious factors. So just as though you are training your cardiovascular system to outrun those zombies make sure you work on boosting your ad relevance (include keywords in the text), your landing page relevance (include keywords and phrases from your ad) and your click through rate (make your ad click worthy, interesting, and applicable).

A lot of people focus on cardio alone to cut fat, when really they need to be building up their lean muscle. Muscle requires more energy to function, which means it burns more calories and boosts your metabolism. So if you really want to lose fat, you need to hit the weights.

Just like with weight loss you shouldn’t focus entirely on the ads themselves to improve conversions. You will also need to work on your landing page and offer. Having a great offer will help increase clicks and improve the AdWords quality score mentioned earlier. And if you have a great landing page you can collect more referrals, and reduce bounce rates. To do this come up with a few different offers that would really be interesting and unique to your target audience, this could be a guide, a free trial, a pre-recorded webinar, a free sample, a coupon etc. And test out different landing pages—try different colors, wording, designs.

Most importantly, as you work on fitting into that bikini and perfecting your Google Adwords presence remember: always change it up and keep working at it- your body gets used to the workout, interests change, fads fade and neither your figure or business are permanent- you have to work to maintain their health.