Boeing Charleston-3*304Kudos to the Puget Sound Business Journal for several recent changes to the format, layout and approach they’re taking to provide a weekly summary of business news in the Pacific Northwest. The new cover is more engaging and accessible, and the inside coverage features shorter, “scannable” content as well as deeper connections with the subject-matter experts writing it.

But what caught my eye most recently wasn’t the layout or photos or even quality of content. It was the headlines.

This week, for example, the cover story focuses on the future of Boeing assembly-line jobs, and the fact that assembly of future aircraft models are more likely to be done in South Carolina vs. the Seattle area.

It’s a highly interesting story in its own right, but three months ago the headline might have read something like “More Boeing Assemblies May Be Completed To South Carolina”. Instead, the headline they used was shorter, just four words, and far more compelling:

The South Is Winning

Which story would you read? Nice work, guys.