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If we’re connected on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram, especially on the weekends, you probably know two things about me: 1) I love my kids & family, and 2) I love me some good, low-and-slow BBQ. Between hardwood smoking, rotisserie grilling and many stops in between, I’ve amassed quite a collection of cookbooks specializing in how to cook almost anything with fire & smoke.

But let’s say I get a great deal on tri-tips at Costco, or have a hankering for something quick but delicious using some chicken thighs?

Am I really going to flip through all of those cookbooks to find what I want? Wouldn’t it be awesome if I had a tool that aggregated all of the contents of all of my cookbooks into a single database?

That’s exactly what Eat Your Books does. I still love having physical cookbooks to read and actively use, but Eat Your Books not only now saves me a ton of time but helps me make far better, regular use out of cookbooks not previously in my regular rotation. Even better, you can add specific issues of your favorite cooking magazines, blogs and more to your personalized database, searchable by keyword, ingredient, cuisine type and more.

It’s free to try out for up to five cookbooks, but an annual license is $25 bucks for unlimited cookbooks. Highly recommended.