aboutus_contactinformationBy Brian Hansford, director and marketing automation practice lead for Heinz Marketing


I understand that we’re all enamored with social media and texting as channels to communicate and connect.  But phone conversations are still important, if not more so than through any other channel.  And what’s one of the leading causes of a phone call?  An email.

I am amazed when people don’t use any kind of an email signature – ever.  None. Zilch. No company name. No email. No social handle. And NO PHONE NUMBER.  Really? Really?!

This isn’t just about hiding behind some screen to keep an unwanted solicitation or spam.  It’s bad business and it can hurt a customer experience.

If we are so focused on “engagement” and “conversations” shouldn’t we be able to do that on the phone when needed?  The bottom line is phone conversations are still hugely important.  But if I can’t get a hold of someone because I can’t find a phone number after a series of emails, I need to find an alternative option, vendor, or partner.

Sure, I can go to the web site and look up the corporate number or via a Google search.  But why should I have to?  And yes I load phone numbers to my smart phone and our CRM system.  But I have to get to that point first.

I am truly baffled by this. Email signatures are a simple and effective way to list the channels your business contacts can reach you.  Even though we live in the era of Web 3.0, email signatures are still very much a simple and important communication tool.

Do you have your phone number listed in your email signature? If not, why not? It’s not hard to set up signatures for replies and forwards and it’s super easy to delete an email signature if needed.  Stop hiding and don’t be lazy.  Use an email signature.