8-different-kinds-of-blog-posts-give-inspirationPlenty of would-be bloggers (individuals and companies) get caught up in figuring out what to write about.

Do I have anything interesting to say? Is the point I’m going to make important enough?

Other bloggers worry about having to come up with original content on a regular basis.

But if you step back for a minute and think about your readers, you can actually create a regular stream of content by simply highlighting and commenting on the content of others.

Eat Your Books does a really nice job of this. I love their product, and also really enjoy cooking, but I don’t have time to read a fraction of the great food writing out there. I also have no idea which of the mountain of cookbooks published every year are any good.

In a series of daily blog posts, Eat Your Books frequently highlights a single great article or blog post and adds their own commentary. Just a couple paragraphs with links. That’s all, but that’s also all I really want and need.

Here are a couple good examples of how they do this.

Think about the content you’re already reading, that’s relevant to your audience. Newsletters, blog posts, etc. Have a reaction? Think your customers would like it? Why?

Blog post!