hired1The short story
We’re hiring, and we’re really picky.

The medium story
We’re looking to fill at least two demand generation positions immediately as we continue to grow, but we’re looking for far more than experience and capabilities. Just as important are cultural fit, a match with our values, “fire in the eyes” and strong communication/writing skills.

The long story
We think a lot about values and service at Heinz Marketing. As a services business, our people are the product, so it’s really important that we hire, support, train and retain amazing people who can delight our customers and exceed their expectations.

We’ve been blessed with a strong year so far in 2013, so are looking to hire at least two new people into our team focused on demand generation and lead management services. Yes, we have job descriptions for these roles that specify desired years of experience, B2B and demand generation expertise, familiarity with certain sales & marketing systems, etc.

But I’ve met a lot of people who can adequately “do the work” that I would never hire. Just as important as competency is someone who matches the values we talk about and prioritize regularly. We need people who are results-oriented, client-focused, creative, curious, honest and responsible.

Interviews (let alone resumes) can be a tough way to gauge this, so referrals & references are really important. That said, it can become very clear in an interview (with the right questions) whether someone has fire in their eyes, passion for the work they’re doing, and can make the decisions necessary on their own to fit with our high standards of service and results for clients.

Finally, I can’t imagine anyone succeeding in a service business these days without excellent communication skills. Maybe it’s the old print journalist in me, but I think this starts with writing in its various forms – emails, status reports, blog posts, proposals, etc. But those communication skills also include verbal and in-person abilities, as well as how to work through the occasional difficult conversations with clients, vendors, technology partners, etc.

If you’re like to hear more, or are interested in joining our team, please check out the job description and email us with a link to your LinkedIn profile (and ideally a line or two about why the above criteria resonated with you).