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By Jackie Jordahl, Marketing Coordinator at Heinz Marketing                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Although the event is over, we still have FastTracks on our minds. It featured great speakers, practical content and fabulous cocktails rolled up into a four-hour event. Whether you missed out on the event, want to reference content from the sessions you attended or check out presentations you missed, we’ve got you covered. All the presentations are posted on 9slides for your viewing pleasure!

Here is a collection of key takeaways through the eyes of attendees, speakers and the Heinz Marketing team.

From the first minute to the last, the event was jam-packed with ideas and tactics attendees could incorporate into their business strategies instantly. Content ranged from social marketing strategies to the tools used to implement them.

“It was interesting to learn about so many different facets of social media—from the different types of social media ads available on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to how social media can be used as a sales tool. The variety of presentations demonstrated how vital social media is to both marketing and sales and how you can use these platforms in various ways to enhance your marketing program,” Bailie Losleben, Marketing Coordinator at Heinz Marketing.

Speaking of taking advantage of social sales tools, speaker Aseem Badshah from Socedo discussed how social media can be used as a lead generation tool.  Event participants found the overall lead capture process to be one of the most interesting ideas Aseem shared. “He was very focused and gave listeners a few actionable tips on ways to immediately generate leads from Twitter,” says Meghan Bardwell, Marketing Coordinator at Heinz Marketing. If you would like to learn more about Aseem’s social lead gen strategy you can view his presentation on 9slides.

“I thought the most impressive thing was to see results from marketing executives who are actually using social strategies in combination with with other digital and traditional marketing.  It reinforced the importance knowing what your audience cares about and having good content to support those social conversations.” says Maria Geokezas, Director of Client Services at Heinz Marketing.

Steve Sanders showcased different ways to optimize social selling on LinkedIn. He shared with participants the steps needed to transform LinkedIn profiles from resumes to a personal branding tool. “The LinkedIn sessions were very valuable for me and helped me learn even more about the power of social selling. I’m using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator now,” said Brian Hansford, Director of Client Services at Heinz Marketing. Interested in learning more about Steve’s LinkedIn social selling best practices? Check out his entire presentation on 9slides.

“I think it was great that each attendee left with actionable things to take back to their job—regardless of their level of sophistication,” said FastTracks Speaker Jeff Gibb, Account Executive at Simply Measured.

“Social selling and engagement is clearly a competitive differentiator. There are powerful and effective tools and practices that B2B orgs can use to drive business. The B2B Fast Tracks shared content and sessions to share this information. I also like how the sessions and content were approachable by the people who are doing the work and making things happen. Seattle’s marketing community is starving for information,” says Brian Hansford, Director of Client Services at Heinz Marketing.

Hear what attendees have to say about the events most valuable key takeaways:

  • “Tips to measure your social efforts.”
  • “Real life case studies and best practices on social sales.”
  • “How to goal set and plan.”
  • “Importance of getting sales involved in social. Tips to amplify brand. Tips and tricks to social media measurement.”
  • “How to identify buyer personas.”
  • “Simple best practices—quick things I can implement right away.”

These highlights are just the tip of the iceberg; you can find all the incredible FastTracks presentations on 9slides.

If you weren’t able to join us for this event, we hope you can join us for the next one! Our goal is to provide attendees with valuable content and ideas that can help improve business. We’ve been lucky to have incredible speakers share their ideas, best practices and real-life examples with us.

For more valuable content on social marketing, check out all the pre-event FastTrack blog posts. Each post features ideas, best practices or social tools from one of our nine speakers.