appoftheweekI remember back in the day investing a ton of resources around A/B testing of Web forms with our IT department, and for good reason.  For this particular business, a small percentage increase in conversion could mean thousands of additional consumer leads generated per month, and/or thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars saved in media costs per month.

Of course, at that time we had a small team (literally) of people in IT dedicated to helping us execute the tests.  We were isolating percentages of traffic and redirecting users to parallel landing pages.  We were in many cases having to manually build these separate pages and painstakingly test individual variables to isolate what was working and what wasn’t.

If we had to follow the same process (and use the same resources) today, we’d be in a world of hurt.  Many B2B marketing efforts include countless landing pages, pieces of content with embedded offers, etc.  How can you possibly continue to A/B test different variables without requiring a full IT team?

Enter Optimizely.  Many of you I  know are already using this, and I highly recommend others check it out as a highly cost-effective, fast & easy way to test landing page conversion ideas without requiring IT.

It’s extremely easy to use, even for those who don’t have significant technical knowledge.

Definitely worth a look.