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So many things to read, so little time.  Right now anyway.

Like you, I run across things I want to read throughout the day.  Most of the time, I don’t actually have time to consume the article or blog post right then.  Yes, I could keep it in my RSS feed.  But it’s likely to get buried.  And I really don’t want to save the entire email newsletter to remind me to read one article linked in the middle.

That’s what Pocket is for.  From any browser (desktop, laptop or mobile) I can click one button and the article I’m looking at is “saved” for later reading.  I then can pull up that saved set of articles anywhere I have time to read.

Sometimes that’s waiting in a long line, sometimes it’s in public transportation, sometimes it’s when I’m waiting for a meeting to start that’s late.  Those little windows of time can let me consume 1-2 article, then move on.

I get far more things read that I care about, but do it when I have time without a cluttered set of reminders lying around.

Definitely worth checking out.