fasttracks pngBy Jackie Jordahl, marketing coordinator for Heinz Marketing

We’re on a mission to provide rich information and education for busy B2B marketing and sales professionals. As part of this mission, Heinz Marketing developed the B2B Marketing FastTracks Webinar Series that offers marketing and sales strategies you can take back to the office and implement. The current B2B FastTracks Webinar Series was designed around the popular topic: content marketing. We’ve crafted the entire webinar series around how to create a marketing content strategy from start to finish.

To kick off the series, Matt covered the ins-and-outs of building a bullet-proof content marketing strategy. For those of you who missed the webinar, Customize, Strategize and Prioritize the Right Content Strategy for Your Business, here is a short recap of the topics that were covered, along with key takeaways.

Part of a successful content strategy includes customizing a plan that fits your target market and overall objectives. Do you know what your customers care about? One of the most common content marketing mistakes is not understanding your customer. Matt stressed the importance of understanding who your customers are and what they want, along with being able to use your customer’s pain points to drive your messaging.

No army goes to war without a solid strategy. The same goes for your marketing team; they shouldn’t be publishing or executing marketing efforts and material without an established strategy.  But how do you build a successful strategy? First, answer these three questions: What do you want people to see, hear and/or learn? What do you want people to think? And what do you want people to do? More specifically, Matt outlined five steps to developing a better content strategy:

  1. Know your customer
  2. Know your customer’s pain points
  3. Define your customer’s ecosystem
  4. Map the sales and buying process
  5. Plan to fire lots of bullets.

Mapping these five steps back to your organization’s goals will help you customize an effective content strategy.

What’s your content marketing game-plan? What are your content themes and topics? Who specifically in your target market are you hoping to reach? What are the main points associated with each topic? What is the publishing frequency? In order to keep all team members on the same page you’ve got to establish a plan.  Draft an editorial calendar that states target titles, overall theme, particular topics, and most importantly when the content will be published.

Regularly coming up with topics and themes for content can be difficult for even the most seasoned content guru which is why Matt shared several tips on how to create more and better content:

  • Write more ideas down
  • Keep a single, ongoing list of those ideas
  • Ideas, then outlines, then drafts
  • Write ahead of time
  • Use guest contributors

The beauty of content is that it can be repurposed for future content marketing efforts like blog articles, whitepapers, collateral pieces, etc. Not only does this save you a little time, but it also helps distribute your ideas through various channels. Plus, who doesn’t like recycling?

Although you weren’t able to attend the first webinar we hope this blog recap gave you some insight into how to start your content marketing strategy. If you’d like more details, you can watch a recording of the webinar now.

Don’t forget to join us for the next two B2B FastTracks Webinars to learn more about content creation and distribution as well as driving ROI and leads through content marketing.

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