many small light bulbs equal big oneBy Bailie Losleben, marketing consultant for Heinz Marketing

Blogs and social media alike are abuzz with tips and questions about Content Marketing. How do you plan your content strategy? What types of content should be created? And how on earth do you measure the success of your content marketing?

No need to stress– we decided to bring in the experts. Not only do we provide 3 content marketing tips in this blog– we decided to give you a chance to learn from the experts in our B2B FastTracks webinar Driving ROI and Leads through Content Marketing. Enjoy the tips below and make sure to Register for the webinar to learn more.

Content Tip #1: Think Outside the Box

Content should be interesting and you should utilize as many forms as possible to test and see what appeals to your audience. It is important to remember that people are different and may respond to different types of content better than others.

Some types of content that might be worth a shot:

  • Graphic based content such as infographics and short videos can be eye catching and are great for your busy audience.
  • Short guides: often, businesses get caught up in the length of a piece and think a whitepaper or guide needs to be 10+ pages. Really, these types of pieces can be overbearing and a short piece may actually resonate better.

Content Tip #2: Keep It Simple

Don’t bog your audience down with information that is technical and difficult to understand. Focus on the outcomes—what problems does your audience have that you can fix?

Content Tip #3: Create a Plan and Stay Organized

One of the biggest issues companies face is lack of structure with their content. It is important to plan out your content ahead of time and create a schedule so what you are creating is useful, timely and unique. By creating a schedule and sticking to it, you can ensure a constant flow of lead generating materials and prevent the dreaded content drought.

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The webinar will cover:

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