TrustRadiusBy Brian Hansford, marketing automation practice lead for Heinz Marketing

Finding reliable and credible information to help evaluate marketing automation vendors is hard.  Analyst firms are typically biased with any rankings they provide simply because vendors pay for the research.  Journalists can provide good insight but again they can be biased based on who they are talking with from a vendor firm.

TrustRadius addresses this problem by getting actual customers to post their reviews and opinions on marketing automation vendors and platforms.   They have just published their Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide that compiles the sentiment of customer reviews in enterprise, mid-market, and small business markets.  I appreciate how TrustRadius works to verify that each review comes from actual customers.  This is important because we’ve all seen how surveys and rankings can be jacked by employees of the vendors themselves.

Another big challenge is how marketing automation vendors are all grouped together, regardless of whether the platform is best suited for small business or large enterprise, or whether a platform truly fits in the marketing automation category.  I’m always amazed when I see analyst rankings that don’t position vendors correctly.

Full Disclosure: I endorse the TrustRadius Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide and I’m quoted in several sections of their asset.  Very simply I think B2B marketers benefit from the information and can use this as a tool in their decision making process.  

TrustRadius Reviews and Community

In addition to the TrustRadius Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide, individual customer reviews are available, which provide insight into areas customers like, or don’t like. There are some reviews that slip through from biased sources such as consulting partners.  However, I believe most of the reviews are valid and provide valuable insight. Viewers can judge for themselves the veracity of each review, especially when the identity of the reviewer is available and not anonymous.

TrustRadius is a valuable resource for B2B marketing and technology customers because of the information other customers share.  I recommend adding it to your vendor selection toolbox.

Marketing Automation TrustMap for Enterprises from TrustRadius. Mid-market and small business TrustMaps are also available.
Marketing Automation TrustMap for Enterprises from TrustRadius. Mid-market and small business TrustMaps are also available.




  • vbhagat

    Brian – thanks so much for your post. I wanted to add a little color about our review screening process.

    1) Every reviewer is required to use their LinkedIn credentials to authenticate themselves – whether they choose their review to be public or anonymous.

    2) We have an algorithm that checks the validity of their profile.

    3) Most importantly a researcher on our team checks every review – ensuring that the reviewer is not a representative of a vendor or a competitor. The researcher will reject suspicious reviews (e.g. generated by inferred agents of vendors), ask questions of reviewers who have not provided complete explanations, and write a brief synopsis.

    4) We do allow consultants to write reviews as they often have in-depth product knowledge. We do however attempt to always disclose that the review is from a consultant in the synopsis which we write.


    Vinay Bhagat
    CEO, TrustRadius

  • Thanks for the added detail, Vinay! Checking the validity of each review and the individual profiles adds significant credibility and ensures vendors don’t flood the system with propaganda!