Amy-Boutinsky_Formal_cropped-56b1cd“How I Work” is one of my favorite recurring features in Inc Magazine as well as via Lifehacker’s This Is How I Work Series, and recently several sales experts (including  Anthony IannarinoDave Brock and Trish Bertuzzi) participated as well.

Periodically moving forward we will feature a new B2B sales, marketing or business leader here answering what have become the standard “How I Work” questions.  You can catch up on everyone we’ve featured thus far in the “How I Work” series here.

This week I’m excited to feature Amy Bohutinsky, who has been the mastermind behind Zillow’s marketing efforts since the beginning.  What started as brilliant & highly successful PR has expanded to a multi-million dollar, multi-media advertising campaign along with ever-expanding content and B2B marketing efforts.  All this while raising two young girls in Seattle.

Amy, suffice it to say, gets stuff done.  Here, in her own words, is how she works:

Zillow’s downtown Seattle office (First & Union), or downtown San Francisco office. Overflow time at my kitchen island, overlooking Lake Washington (Sheridan Beach).

Current computers:
For work: a Dell laptop that’s small and light enough to fit in my purse (that was my requirement to IT; I travel frequently and I’m not the backpack-carrying type).

At home: One of 2 Macbook Airs that my husband and I use interchangeably. Sometimes an iPad mini, although I find I’m using it less and less lately.

Current mobile devices:
iPhone 5

What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?
Alaska Airlines app – I travel 3-4 times a month, and I’m constantly checking flights, seats and (if I’m lucky), upgrade lists on it. FitBit and EveryMove apps – all of Zillow gets a fitbit and there’s quite a bit of workplace competiton. BarMethod – I’m addicted to this form of exercise and South Lake Union studio, but I have to change around my classes a lot due to my schedule – so the app is a daily visit.

Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn – Social media is the backbone of so much that we do at Zillow, both on consumer and B2B sides. I keep a constant eye on us and our industry.

At home: My husband and I gutted and remodeled a short-sale we bought in 2012, and we now live in it with our 2 kids. We installed Sonos wireless in the walls, and set up all these different audio zones that we can control with our iPhones and play Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, TV, etc. We like to geek out to this. We also love our Nest thermostats.

What’s your workspace like?
I don’t spend a lot of time at my desk – the days I’m in the Seattle office I largely spend in 1:1s, meetings and walking around talking to my team. I also like to spend a little time each day in one of Zillow’s treadmill rooms, and I try to take phone calls then.

When I do sit at my desk, I have two huge monitors and a stunning view of Puget Sound and the Olympics from Zillow’s 31st floor. Just last week I saw a whale and a bald eagle.

What’s your best time-saving shortcut or lifehack?
Being married to a professional chef. He does all the grocery shopping and cooking. He’s also really particular about the kitchen, so he does most of the clean-up there, too. I’d highly recommend finding this in a partner.

What everyday thing are you better at than anybody else?
I studied journalism in college, and my first job was as a TV reporter. I still love to write and edit, though I don’t get to do it as often as I used to.

What’s your favorite to-do list manager?
Paper and pen. I carry a spiral notebook with me every day. It has my to-do lists and notes from that day’s meetings. I then date the notebooks, file in chronological order and save them for a year, in case I ever need to look back (I rarely do). It’s an archaic system from my journalism days that I can’t seem to shake – I feel lost without my notepad.

What do you listen to while at work?
While at my desk – Spencer’s (Zillow CEO) treadmill desk, which is about 6 feet away from my desk in our open office. Luckily, I’m not at my desk much.

What are you currently reading?
This month’s issue of Vanity Fair. My attention span is generally too short for books, except when on vacation.

What’s your sleep routine like?
On weekdays, I go to bed between 10-11, and wake up at 5:15 to work out. One weekday each week, I let myself sleep in until 7 and skip the workout. Weekends my kids wake me up way too early, and I take naps.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Spencer Rascoff (Zillow CEO) always says, “hire better than you.” Zillow’s marketing team is now over 70 people – and I would have never been able to do some of the things we’ve done without chucking the ego and finding people who are smarter, faster and more creative than I am. My job is to now empower and enable them to do their best work.

Fill in the Blank: I’d love to see BLANK answer these questions.
Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres. They are funny people, but they’ve also built enormous brands and run well-oiled machines. I’d like a peek behind the stage.