In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the Web each week.

We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

In the meantime, here’s some of what we’re reading:

10 Tactics for Evolved Social Selling Mastery
Blakely Thomas-Aguilar explains why “Engagement, constant attention and carefully executed strategy are a must to avoid being an overly enthusiastic pest, social stalker or post-and-quit social schizophrenic.”  Ten well laid out points with lots of nice bullets and lists really break this down.  Nicely done.  I read on her Twitter page this is her first article for SalesEngine—I’m guessing there will be more good stuff to come!

5 Steps to Efficiency through Customer Journey Mapping
Jeff Parriott not only gives a great definition of Customer Journey Mapping, and 5 steps to carry it out, he also gives us six impressive benefits.  Something worth considering!

Noise or Message? The Core of Content Marketing
Ron VanPeursem lays out the problem and the solution to all the noise online and what it means for your content marketing efforts.  I love that he provides 3 nicely laid out, key components for telling “your compelling story”.

Be Relevant or Die: The New Nature of Nurture
Will Spendlove offers up 4 Components of a Relevant Campaign (Prospect Intelligence, Lead Intelligence, Lead Scoring, and Lead Nurturing).  And when you’ve accomplished these four? He says you’re now ready to launch informed, micro-segmented campaigns that are full of relevant, contextualized marketing messages. Time to get relevant!

Using Digital Body Language in B2B Sales
I like how Mark Tarro parallels body language in this insightful article.  He says “Digital body language is a powerful tool for both modern marketing and sales. The ability to harness each customer’s engagement level and product interests enables marketers to target the right message at the right time, and sales teams to make contact at the appropriate stage in the buying cycle. By collecting, evaluating, and acting on digital body language, your marketing and sales teams will execute more precise and targeted engagement cycles with your buyers.”  Read the article for five great points that drive this idea home really well.

4 Visual Content Tools to Help You Stand Out Visually
Over the last several weeks I’ve highlighted a presentation on giving a presentation, a list of lists, a short article about how to keep your content short, a well-researched article about researching your articles.  This week?  A visual stand out article about how to stand out visually!  Read more about each tip.  #1:  Design Infographics, #2:  Create Video Slideshows, #3:  Replace Slides with Animated Video, and #4:  Create Graphic Designs.  Thanks Yoav Vilner for some good visuals!

Why Lead Nurturing Makes Sense for B2B Companies
Jennifer Hanford does a good job of defining lead nurturing, enumerating why you need to do it, the methods and tools you need, AND the benefits.  See why nurturing leads is no longer optional and why you need to learn and practice methods for successful results.

B2B Marketing Insights From The New Music Seminar
Jamie Sandler makes a good point:  “With the continued growth of subscription-based online radio, fan-based online communities, and peer-to-peer-based campaigns, there are countless opportunities for B2B marketers in the digital music space….There are so many untouched opportunities for B2B brands to reach and engage music fans in social media and across [various] digital music platforms”  Check out her article to see several excellent examples.

Screen Size Matters: Adapting Content Strategy for Multiple Devices
In this timely article by Simon Penson read about how “cracking” a complex content strategy in today’s mobile landscape “requires a structured approach that begins with an understanding of the way in which we interact with our everyday devices”.  Great visuals, facts, and detailed how-to’s make this a highly recommended read.

Don’t Be a Content Marketing Dinosaur — 5 Must-Haves to Stay Current
Eric Siu says “Knowing what captures your audience’s imagination makes creating compelling brand narratives much more intuitive.”  Check out Eric’s article for five practical ways to help you master strategy, execution, distribution and storytelling.

Influencer Marketing Tools That Will Power Your Content In The Future
Steve Olenski says “Influencer marketing is redefining the power of voice. Leveraging the clout of authoritative, influential voices can be the difference between a ripple and a tidal wave.” Steve shares a specific software tool for each of four initiatives:  Finding influential authors, finding influential social accounts, tracking influencer outreach, and finally, analyzing your influencers.

The Futurist’s Guide to Content Marketing
It’s no big surprise that data is the key that enables marketers to glimpse into the future.  Check out this article where Sharmin Kent touches on the science of content as well as the future content budget breakdown.