I don’t know if Alex Shootman created this framework or pulled it from somewhere else, but I’ve heard it now three times attributed to him and that’s good enough for me.

Alex was president at Eloqua prior to joining in a similar role at Apptio last year.  I’ve known him as a smart guy and a solid sales leader, but until recently I didn’t know how well he managed and motivated his people as well.

Pictured to the right (and a bit larger below) is a representation of the framework he uses to manage sales professionals as described to me by people who have worked for him previously.

It’s a relatively simple matrix based on two factors: 1) Are you getting it done (i.e. hitting your number), and 2) Are you doing it right (i.e. are you following your and the company’s core values).

If you’re both getting it done and doing it right, that’s the happy zone.  Rewards, recognition, fame & fortune, etc.

If you’re not getting it done but are doing it right, according to Alex, those are people you still want on your team that just need coaching to improve their results.

Of course, if you’re not getting it done nor doing it right, you suck and you’re fired.

But what perhaps impressed me most about this matrix was what happens if you’re getting it done but not doing it right.  In that case, you not only get fired but you’re fired much faster.

Results matter, but culture and approach matter more.  Those are the building blocks of world-class organizations and trusted brands.

Love it.

Sales Matrix Graphic 6.2