Why does most marketing copy suck?  Because there’s a huge difference between what we call “copy” and what’s natural, customer-facing language.

Do yourself a favor and read that next tweet or email or headline out loud.  Did it sound weird?  Did it sound unnatural?

If so, it’s probably just copy that your customers will think is marketing copy as well.

If your customers are reading or hearing copy, you’re not making a connection.  You’re likely just talking at them.

But here’s the bigger rub.  The people approving marketing copy – your executives or your clients – like approving marketing copy.  They like approving content that sounds like corporate speak.  They won’t tell you that, but it’s what they naturally gravitate towards.

Look at the companies that are doing it right.  Zappos.  Even Amazon.  They have an intentional focus on natural language.  They talk with, not at, their customers.  They use language that their customers would and do use as well.

Your boss or client might think that kind of language doesn’t sound right.  But if you get that kind of response, you might actually be onto something….