In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the Web each week.

We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

In the meantime, here’s some of what we’re reading:

What Beer and Content Have in Common [Infographic]
Anne Murphy  has a fantastic infographic that explains how good content can feel as good as a cold beer on a hot summer day.  You’re gonna love this one.

Thou Shalt Not Tweet Thy Breakfast: The ELEVEN Commandments of #Social #Media #Marketing
Gary Schirr actually gives a bonus Twelfth Commandment.  What started out as an assignment for seven MBA students to come up with ten principles, turned into commandments.  This is a great list.

The Future of Content Marketing in 3 Tweets?
Adrian Lurssen gives her perspective on and highlights 3 noteworthy tweets by Joe Pulizzi which, each in their own way, provides a window into what the future might hold for this ever-changing digital marketing landscape. For each tweet she offers up a great takeaway.

Four Tips to Accelerate Sales Through the b2B Content Funnel
Paul Gustafson asks “Does your content do most of the selling for your company? It should. And as a B2B marketer in today’s world, you’re on the hook to make it happen.”  Check out his four tips and great graphics.

5 Content Marketing Lessons You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way
Kevin Cain urges marketers not to “fall into the analysis paralysis trap. Instead, start creating some content straight away and testing it in the market. Learn from that experience and evolve your strategy and processes as you do. Not only will you have something tangible to point to when you talk about your content marketing program, you will also have some opportunities to gain actual insights about what you’ve done and to adjust accordingly.  Some great advice here in these 5 tips.

8 Insights on How to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing: Study
If you want to be effective on social media, consider these eight insights provided here by Jeff Bullas along with some great visuals.  Some really valuable things to consider.

How Psychology Will Shape the Future of Social Media Marketing
Jayson DeMers says “Social media marketing is still a relatively new field, but basic psychological concepts still apply. The best way to succeed in reaching your customer base is to begin to see things as they do. Study your online results and make notes on which behaviors get the best response and soon, you’ll have a roadmap for getting better results.”  Check out Jayson’ article for six excellent takeaways.

Content Marketing Traits That are Crucial to Success
Is your content marketing team a “dream team”?  Kudos to Michael Gerard for bringing not only this great infographic, but breaking it down into smaller parts with some great detail.  Here he gives us the anatomy of a “dream”content marketing person.  Check it out to see what skillsets and characteristics make up a rock star content marketer.

How To Create Content for Internet “Scanners” Instead of “Readers
Author Kelly Kranz admits to being a scanner (me too).  In this article she looks (no pun intended) at some ways to create content that is scanner friendly and yet still gets your main points across.  So whether you’re a scanner or a reader, you can do either one and enjoy this!

7 Social Media Tricks You Haven’t Heard Before
Danielle Cormier claims “These social media tricks are not complicated and can help you enhance your business’s social media presence, improve your engagement rate, and help you reach new customers.”  Do you agree?

Top 4 Professional Skills Mastered When Working in B2B Inside Sales
Both young and experienced sales professionals must have the drive to learn, grow, and perform in order to succeed in inside sales.  Patrice Morrison shares just some of the benefits of an inside sales career found in these four professional skills that come along with the territory (get it? territory?).  They are:   Autonomy, Independence, Flexibility, and Communication.  Is a sales job right for you?