By Robert Pease, CMO Practice Lead for Heinz Marketing

This is part five in an eight-part series on the keys to marketing greatness in 2015.  Part one focused on demand generation, part two focused on content marketing, part three focused on database health, part four focused on process.

We’re featuring these keys leading up to our webinar on November 6 where we will cover them in greater detail. Today we highlight the topic and importance of People.

Surrounding yourself with the right people who have the attitude, aptitude, and intelligence to take on any challenge is critical to success in any endeavor.

You will need build your marketing organization with people and roles aligned to your business and objectives.  Hubspot did an outstanding job of covering this top in a presentation called The CMO’s Guide to Marketing Org Structure.

A common theme you will see here and need to consider in your own organization is staffing around how you engage and convert customers.  A sales process that requires high touch, complex decision making, and multiple stakeholders is very different from a web-based business that is focused on optimizing the on-line experience and very high volume.

Start there and design your team around how you acquire customers.

Marketing is changing rapidly and new technologies come along almost daily to improve your life or give you an edge.  Surround yourself with people who are not afraid to challenge the status quo and experiment a bit with new techniques and technologies.

They may not all work but is is super important to keep trying new things.

This takes a special kind of team member and manager so build it into the DNA of your team and remember to view your team structure through your customer acquisition process and what roles need to be performed.

Join us November 6th for more on this and seven more keys to marketing domination in 2015.