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The Smart Way to Prospect

I spent two solid days this past week at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum. Along with the inspirational keynotes and educational sessions, I always appreciate the opportunity to walk the tradeshow floor and learn about new products and services. But, it’s hard to break the ice with the sales person that’s tethered to their booth.

Which got me thinking about Tellwise. If these sales reps had used Tellwise, it would have been easier for them to develop relationships with their prospects in advance of the show and get more people to engage with them at this event.

In the nature of full disclosure, Tellwise is a client of Heinz Marketing.  They didn’t ask me to feature them on our blog, but I believe in what they are doing and think sales people (and their prospects) could truly benefit from Tellwise’s approach.    

Tellwise makes it easier for sales people to turn prospects into relationships into business.

With Tellwise, sales people can connect with their customers and potential buyers via rich, content-heavy and personalized communications. It’s the perfect combination of content marketing and personalized sales communications.

To show you why Tellwise is so great – let’s compare two different situations.

The Current Sales Process

A typical sales rep will spend time to put together a text-heavy “are you ready to buy” solicitation email…. and then wait. For some kind of sign. The sales rep has no way of determining the prospect’s interest level, or if their email was even opened. It’s a very inefficient process that elongates the sales cycle unnecessarily.

The Tellwise Sales Process

The sales rep can very quickly put together a professional-looking, content-rich, personalized “Smart Message” for their prospects. When the prospect receives the email and accesses the content, the rep is alerted. The rep can see what piece of content a prospect is reading and engage with the prospect directly via an integrated instant message. The rep has immediate insights about the subject matter of interest as well as their prospects’ level of interest – creating a more relevant experience for the prospect and a more efficient sales process.

Tellwise allows the seller to engage in real time in a much lighter weight approach via instant message. As the sales process moves along, decision makers and SMEs can be added to the experience while the sales rep gets to stay in control of the experience. Objections and discussions can be addressed instantly. Tellwise even integrates with DocuSign so that when the time comes, an electronic contract can be dropped into the environment.

But don’t take my word for it. Check them out for yourself: