By Robert Pease, CMO Practice Lead for Heinz Marketing

This is part seven in an eight-part series on the keys to marketing greatness in 2015.  Part one focused ondemand generation, part two focused on content marketing, part three focused on database health, part four focused on process, part five focused on people, part six focused on sales enablement.

We’re featuring these keys leading up to our webinar on November 6 where we will cover them in greater detail.

Today’s topic is technology.  Technology is an increasingly popular topic when talking about marketing these days and there are no shortage of interesting, amazing, and complex tools, systems, and platforms available out there.

Just take a look at Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic.

Or at LUMA Partner’s Marketing Technology LUMAscape.

Just looking at all those logos squeezed into all those boxes is enough to produce anxiety in any marketer.  Before you get there, relax a bit and think again about your process and measures of success.  Frame how you look at technology and the roles it plays in your organization in that way and you will avoid the anxiety trap.

Remember, technology is just an enabler.

An enabler of process and a process you define. Do not let technology dictate how you do things.  There may end up being a gap between what you want to do and what is possible but that is a much, much better way to approach things versus trying to jam the way a systems works into your organization without any business requirements defined.

It is indeed true that marketing is experiencing a level of automation and technological evolution that has already changed the way other functions like manufacturing and accounting operate so burying your head in the sand will not make all this go away.  The skill set of the modern CMO will be technically savvy just as modern CFOs have command over the financial systems that power the business.

Finding the right “marketing stack” for your organization is not impossible.  Go back to the discussion on process and think about how you interact with customers, what role content plays in your lead generation and sales pursuit efforts, how you want to use reporting and predictive analytics in your organization, and how you choose to operate and manage your team.

If you want to send email campaigns out then invest in an email marketing tool.  If you want to nurture and score leads through the sales process, spend more for a marketing automation system and understand the skills your team needs to operate the “marketing stack.”

Make technology work for you and be sure to take advantage of all the amazing innovation in the marketplace along the way.

Join us November 6th for more on this and seven more keys to marketing domination in 2015.