Post by Rebecca Smith, Marketing Coordinator – Heinz Marketing

It’s exciting for some, dreadful for others, and bittersweet for most, but the peak of the B2B marketing and sales event season is coming to a close. It’s starting to dwindle down and offices are starting to get back to their normal rhythms and routines.

Event season is great because you get to learn amongst some of the best in the industry while also meeting new contacts and reconnecting with old acquaintances. The hardest part is finding the time to leave the great learning and get back to your real work—your day job that brought you to the event in the first place.

Thankfully, we can all get back to work now and forget about traveling arrangements, hotel reservations and setting that out of office message…Just kidding!

There are three more events we think you should NOT pass up this summer, and Matt’s speaking at each of them!

6sense’s INmarket: July 8, San Francisco

INmarket will bring together leaders across various industries and sectors to explore how we can use data for business and for the greater good. The dawn of data-driven is here. Gone are the days of getting excited about backwards-looking analytics and reporting. It’s time to explore how data and AI are driving billions of dollars of revenue for B2B marketing and sales. Predictive intelligence will impact all industries, businesses, and our daily lives in ways we can only begin to imagine.

As a sponsor of this event, we’re happy to share a 25% off discount code with you. Use code HEINZ when you register and we hope to see you July 8 in San Francisco.

Matt’s topic: Winning the In-Market Prospect: The Sales Leader’s Perspective

What will it take for sales to trust marketing? How has the enterprise sales cycle changed over the past few years? Come join July 8 and find out!

PipelineDeals’ Accelerate Sales: August 19-20, Seattle

Accelerate Sales is here to help you walk away a better sales person, with strategies you can implement into your business tomorrow. Improve your sales process with tips and tricks from the best in the industry. You’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge on generating leads, nurturing them through the sales process, and turning them into long-term brand advocates.

Join us in Seattle to learn how you can prepare for what’s next and plan for the future with impactful advice from peers and industry leaders.

Matt’s Topic: Qualifying Leads at the Top of the Funnel

B2B businesses all over have different perspectives on what marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads really means. Join us August 19-20 to discuss more!

The Brooks Group Sales Leadership Summit 2015: August 26-28, Chicago

The goal of the Sales Leadership Summit is to bring together extremely passionate senior sales leaders from various industries around the world and provide an engaging experience for speakers and participants alike that fosters networking, collaboration, education, and growth. Come ready to explore creative solutions to your marketing and sales challenges, and leave with new ideas to implement into your own sales force.

Matt’s Topic: Sales Enablement: The Unsung Hero for Sales Teams

Do you have a strong sales enablement strategy and program? Implementing one can directly impact your sales productivity and results. Join us August 26-28 to find out how to make the most of your sales enablement program.

Will you be joining us at any of these events?

Let us know!