I have recently seen more and more sales and marketing teams using Trello to organize tasks and manage projects – even create sales pipelines.  It is a great tool and I had first seen it used for product development some time ago for both product releases and bug tracking.

It is a great and lightweight way to organize tasks, manage priorities, and use as a rolling agenda for team meetings.  The drag and drop interface is super easy to use and works with any “left to right” process like a sales funnel, marketing campaign, product launch, or any type of team project.  Collaboration is not a chore with files and links easily shared.

The best part?  A fully functional version is free.  Yes, there are paid versions so if you get a huge amount of value, upgrade to a paid version. This is the type of product you will want to pay for.

The company has a great story and founder/creator Joel Spolsky is a super smart guy.

Give it a try!