It’s not about working the most hours, or sending the most emails, replying to everything, showing off that you’re working Sunday or late nights or even on holidays.

Work ethic isn’t about spending the most time at the office, or as much time as possible in front of a screen.

Work ethic is about discipline. Consistency. Results.

It’s about putting in what it takes to get the job done, and get it done right.

Those with a strong work ethic care about what they’re doing, they care about how it looks and how it performs. They care about quality, craftsmanship.

Work ethic is not about reputation. It is not about ego. It is not about getting in earlier or staying later than everybody else.

Work ethic is often associated with a LOT of work.  Lots of work is what’s required to succeed.  There are no shortcuts.

But work ethic is not about the work. It’s about how you work, and what you produce.  It’s about how you approach the work, how you stick with the work, and how you complete the work.

It’s not a race, or a contest, or a beauty contest. You don’t have work ethic because you brag about work ethic.

Do the work. Do it right. Do it until it is finished. Work until you are satisfied with the results.

No less. That is work ethic.